One of my favorite medium is oils. Oils on wood gives depth to works. Works are created by building layer upon layer, till it feels right. Most works are huge and the depth of the board is 10cms, giving it a bold finish.

Journey 1 and 2 are personal journey paintings made for clients and are commissioned works. These are made to order by having meetings with them discussing their personal journey of life, places, people, things that are meaningful to them. Sketches, color scheme and more sketches, sizing of work, where the artwork will be hung are then explored. It is indeed a two way process which makes it more special to own. Please do feel free to inquire if you would like more information by emailing at:

Watercolor is another medium that I enjoy. These works are smaller in size and in almost all works the theme is fresh flowers.

My latest works are on a series of sunflowers, they have been photographed at various locations, Budukul, Bali to flower shops in Singapore. I have had input from friends all over the world, sending me sunflower pics when they see one! Special thanks to all of you!

All prices quoted are in US dollars.

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results